Savino & Miller Design Studio’s integrated approach is responsive to the ecology of the site, program needs, architectural features and budget aspects of the project. We believe that good design considers and is respectful of context, is ecologically responsible, brings people together, and fosters a greater awareness of place. Careful attention to details helps to engender a sense of place and creates a unique experience. We put special emphasis in the selection and design of paving treatments, site furniture, lighting, water features and planting, each one tailored uniquely for every project. We design outdoor spaces with a comprehensive understanding of natural, human and cultural ecologies. As sculptors of the spatial environment, our aim is to create meaningful experiences and “carve the very atmosphere and medium” through which we move, breathe, and experience our lives.


Creative urban interventions combines our professional experience, knowledge and sensitivity toward the linkage of landscape, architecture and urban planning in order to integrate, enhance and transform the existing or proposed spatial infrastructure of a city, neighborhood or large project site.


Our architectural projects are mostly linked to our landscape architectural projects. An integrated balance of building and open space to improve and preserve the scale and character of each site. Our goal is to provide our clients with creative buildings and spatial solutions that respond to pragmatic goals. At the same time, we respect and enhance the existing and relevant infrastructure, providing a contemporary response to the proposed building’s design program.


We approach Site Master Planning as one of, if not the most important, aspects of the project development and design process. It is at this point that the crucial decisions involving how the project’s program interfaces with the landscape, surroundings and existing infrastructure takes place. Understanding the context, program goals, regulatory requirements and hierarchy of uses and spaces are the fundamental issues of how the land will be formed, the way people circulate and by which means, energy and resources conserved and utilized, the manner in which stormwaters are managed, all coming together to shape the project’s interrelationship with the community and local ecology. Our focus is to provide a sound, efficient and pragmatic approach to site planning for a sustainable future, which focuses on land stewardship, the creation of vibrant, safe urban places, and sustainable development. Our experience and interest includes the master planning of resorts, residential communities, mixed-use development, office parks, CBD design, open spaces and parks.

Savino & Miller Design Studio is a minority-owned firm, an equal opportunity employer, and our staff is LEED AP certified.