Ocean Drive LGBT Crosswalk
Miami Beach, FL

Our team wanted to firmly identify LGBT history as part of Miami Beach’s history. It was important to us that the design reflect the character of the neighborhood but still stood out to be an expression of embrace and welcoming for the LGBT community.

For inspiration, we looked no further than the surrounding architecture. Not only is the island known for its Historic Art Deco District around the world, but the organization responsible for its creation and preservation was co-founded by Leonard Horowitz, a gay Miami Beach resident and industrial designer. He put together the pastel color palette that has given the Art Deco buildings their distinctive Miami Beach flair. This initiative gained global attention and recognition, greatly aiding efforts to protect and preserve this architecture. We hope this design honors his efforts as well as the efforts of all the activists, residents and visitors that have made Miami Beach a home for LGBT people everywhere.

Inspired by Art Deco patterns and materials, our team chose to use terrazzo pavers in rainbow colors and incorporate a recognizable Art Deco pattern. The multi-directional pattern mimics the human activity, giving it a kinetic energy and is easily arranged with standard-sized pavers.

Construction completed in 2018