Miami Baywalk & Riverwalk Design Guidelines and Branding
Miami, FL

The Miami Baywalk & Riverwalk Design Guidelines was conceived to transform 4.5 miles of often hidden, publicly accessible waterfront into a vibrant, safe, and connected waterfront. Focusing on Miami’s resiliency, history, culture, identity and ecology, the guidelines dictate design standards to improve existing conditions on the waterfront, providing flexibility and cohesion while staying true to the character of the site and the needs and desires of the community. A lengthy analysis and public outreach process led to the creation of a family of unifying design elements and guidelines that adopt the latest approach in sustainability and resiliency strategies.

Four distinct spatial typologies, designed to ensure seamless connections, provide a basis for design for various spaces within the easement with the intention of providing users a diversity of experience for pedestrians and bikers alike.

To establish a sense of continuity and identity, our team created a body of unifying design elements (UDEs) for the waterfront that includes planting, lighting, furnishing, paving, signage, and placemaking elements, such as a “Mangrove” trellis, which are inspired by the City’s waterfront character and attracts people to enjoy a safe, shady, and beautiful Baywalk.

A fundamental aspect of the guidelines is to create a brand inspired by the Mangrove to raise awareness of the waterfront and it’s importance to Miami’s history, ecology and economic growth. The City’s goal is to codify the Manual to govern future development along this important public space.

Coastal Systems International
RSM Design
HLB Lighting

2020 APA Gold Coast – Award of Excellence
2020 AIA Miami – Merit Award of Excellence
2020 Florida ASLA – Award of Excellence

Completed in 2019