La Casa De Korge
FLASLA Frederic B. Stresau Award
Pinecrest, FL

This property is located in the Village of Pinecrest, in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is sited along two banks of an old oolitic limestone quarry that became an aquifer-fed freshwater lagoon. The design program called for large entertainment spaces for outdoor parties and fundraising events, while creating a place for casual relaxation in a naturalistic environment. The proposed site elements included a waterfall, a patio to accommodate 150-200 people, (dancing, dining, etc.) plus a music bandstand/gazebo area. To create a sense of spatial definition, the garden was designed with five distinct terrace spaces, situated at different levels.

The master planning of the site proposed the integration of the elevated pool-patio with the new area by eliminating existing visual/physical barriers and extending the patio and bar, enhancing its relationship to the existing lagoon. Conceived as a natural outcropping, the new waterfall was designed in a curvilinear shape as an extension of the existing promontory – retaining existing native specimen trees – following the north side of the property to act as the “backbone” of the garden.

Falls Among Gardens, Geoffrey Gordon

2007 FLASLA Frederic B. Stresau Award
2007 FLASLA Award of Excellence

Construction completed in 2006

Photography by Steven Brooke Studios, Inc.