Civic Center Park
FLASLA Award of Honor
Key Biscayne, FL

The design concept for the CCP is a ‘tropical island’ with a laid-back environment. The intent is to reflect the island lifestyle with lots of water, casual movable seating, and trees and palms to provide shaded areas for relaxing. It is to become the Key Biscayne ‘living room’. Conceived as a space for all age groups to gather and provide opportunities for different activities such as games, an interactive fountain for children, an informal concert, a coffee or ice cream vendor or other civic activities like the ending location for a parade. In essence, the water, coconut palms and tropical hammock trees represent the historical background of Key Biscayne as a barrier island and coconut plantation. Fish and turtle shell tiles as well as native rock are also incorporated into the design to be reminiscent of Key Biscayne’s history.

2017 FLASLA Award of Honor for Conceptual Design

Conceptual design completed in 2011