Adriana Savino, Principal (AIA, MArch), is an architect and urban designer. Deeply appreciative of the impact our built environment has on ecological systems, human social life and the livability of a city; Adriana uses her dual background to design spaces that are sustainable, promote community-building and add beauty to our surroundings. Over her thirty year career, she has completed award-winning projects in the public and private sector, from residences to large urban parks, always delivering a unique and innovative perspective to all her works regardless of scope or scale.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she was greatly influenced by her father and grandfather who were renowned architects and accomplished artists. Following in their footsteps she began her architecture career at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she received her degree in Architecture. With the help of a scholarship, she went on to continue her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a Master’s in Architecture with a concentration in Urban Design. Adriana is currently a member of AIA, TREEmendous Miami, the North Miami Chamber of Commerce, and is a Board Member of the Bayshore Homeowner’s Association.

Barry Miller, Principal (ASLA, PLA), has over three decades of experience in landscape architecture and urban design. He has completed public and private projects at all economic levels and scales, earning recognition at the national and regional level for excellence in design. Drawing inspiration from Frederick Law Olmsted and Lawrence Halprin, Barry’s projects are both ecologically-restorative and culturally significant, managing to conserve resources, celebrate native planting and engage the public in beautifully designed spaces. Outside of work, Barry is an active community member, frequently found speaking at lectures and symposiums, sitting as a juror and working with local government to improve the urban environment and protect natural landscapes.

Barry earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida. He is currently a member of ASLA, TREEmendous Miami and the North Miami Chamber of Commerce. He has previously served as the chairperson for the Miami Section of the ASLA and as an ASLA representative during numerous charettes.

Adriana and Barry met in Miami while working together. Drawing upon their passion for design in the public realm, Barry and Adriana (now husband and wife) formed Savino & Miller Design Studio in 1993. Fusing their diverse professional backgrounds in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Architecture, and Regional Planning, their work is imbued with an understanding of the design arts. Their multi-faceted education and experience gives them a broad perspective of past and present design approaches. This interdisciplinary “range” provides their clients with informed design alternatives and creative problem-solving. Their studio’s work is essentially holistic and collaborative, with a focus on ecological stewardship, a clear understanding of the pragmatic, and a creative, “outside-the-box” approach.

Savino & Miller Design Studio has been recognized by the ASLA Florida Chapter (FLASLA) for numerous projects. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awarded Savino & Miller their Award of Excellence for Aventura Optima, the Florida Natural Grower’s Association’s Award of Excellence for South Pointe Park, the Award of Excellence from the American Planning Association’s Florida Chapter for the Homestead Park Master Plan, and the Frederic B. Stresau Award from the FLASLA for the Korge Residence. The studio’s work has also been published in Gardens of Miami and Landscape Architecture Magazine.